What are APIs and API Docs?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is a communication protocol that occurs between different parts of a computer program. You can say they are a set of tools, routines, and protocols that allows the interaction between software components.

A good API provides all the necessary blocks to build the perfect computer program, and to be able to do it, the programmer needs to provide API Docs with information regarding how it operates. There are different types of API for websites, applications, and operating systems, where they are used to serve a variety of functions.

What is API Documentation?

So if they are so important, what then are API Docs? The API documentation is a technical document with details on how to use and integrate with an API integration format. It is a concise reference that provides you with a quick study of a library or computer program. Each documented writing contains details about an API such as classes, structs, files, and groups. All information provided in the documentation can be found in the source code of the program as well.

For a developer, it is a lot easier to write codes than to come up with documentation for the program. But they know that it is required if the end-users will be able to understand how to use the application.

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