What is QR Code

What is a QR code and how does it work?

While many internet savvy folks like yourself may already know what it is, for those of us that might be asking this question, a QR Code is simply a Quick Response Code that allows a mobile device to access information from a transitory media. Still not sold on the definition? Then here is a better explanation. They are a series of standardized encoding modules consisting of numeric, alphanumeric, Kanji, and binary developed to safeguard stored data. The data that is coded points to a website or application that can be accessed by a machine-readable label on a mobile device. 

How does QR Code Work?

Since the Japanese company, Denso Wave first invented them in 1994, the sole purpose of the QR codes was to aid in mobile tagging and data interpretation. Back then, the code was made to keep track of vehicles during manufacturing, but it has a broad utilization in the tech industries of today. 

The QR code encodes data that is encrypted with a barcode that can be decrypted through the lens of a camera-enabled mobile device. The information on the code is stored both vertically and horizontally and can be scanned from any direction. If you already know how to use a QR code, you are aware that it requires two elements for it to function, and that is the code generators and the code scanners. 

  • Code Generators 

This is the black barcode that you can find available on many online generating sites for free. 

  • Code Scanner 

The scanner, in this case, is the camera of your phone; either your iOS or Android enabled mobile device.

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