How to Make a Clinical Negligence Claim
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How to Make a Clinical Negligence Claim

If you have received treatment from a doctor, dentist or other healthcare professional, which is negligent then you may be entitled to claim compensation. For a clinical negligence claim to be successful and for compensation to be awarded the patient must prove:

  1. Firstly that the care provided fell below an acceptable standard. This is known as the ‘breach of duty’ test.
  2. Secondly that the unacceptable standard of care by the medic has caused an injury / additional pain and suffering – known as ‘causation test’.

What do I need to do to investigate a claim for clinical negligence?

If you think you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence you should contact the specialist clinical negligence lawyers as soon as possible, who should be highly experienced and have many years of expertise in pursuing successful clinical negligence claims.

The specialist lawyers will need to take details from you as to the nature of the clinical negligence in order to advise whether it may be possible for you to claim.