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What is the average settlement for a car accident?

A car accident is a devastating event that not only has a physical consequence(injuries) but also it affects your mental health. Due to these incidents, a person can be disabled for life or become traumatized for life.

Once the horrors of accidents are overcome the second step is to establish the responsibility of the accident. There are many principles to understand whose fault was that, but most commonly used is the careful and less careful one. The party which is less scrupulous or showing negligence pays the damages. If you’re in a situation like this or experience any other legal troubles, you can rest assured that you will get professional help from the best Bergen County car accident lawyer. But let’s get to the point of this article.

Average settlement

In calculating ordinary solutions, many factors are analyzed. These factors involve the damages made to the car, physical injuries and loss of wages by the person due to injuries inflicted by accident. Fractures of the person are viewed in the light of medical reports, which also include X-rays and keeping them in mind the average settlement is calculated. In many cases where the plaintiff has undergone dangerous surgeries, the amount of settlement increases dramatically.

After that, the amount of damages caused to the vehicle is calculated. The insurance companies have different formulas depending on their rules and policies. Some insurance companies only give you basic insurance units, when you get paid only if your car gets damaged.
To understand how settlements are calculated, we have to see some examples and judgment.

For example, you got a shoulder injury in a car accident, and you paid fees to the doctor $5,000. Also, because of that, you were unable to go to work for four days, having you lose $2,000 – in income so your accident settlement might be approximately $21,000. You will likely to get $14,000 – to $28,000


In September 2014, 225K was the settlement amount that was given to the plaintiff who undergone arthroscopic surgery. This was a case in Morris County, NJ. In another incident, in the same year, four older women were paid $ 1 million in a settlement when a drunken driver injured them. It depends upon the situation you are involved in. If it is established that it was another driver’s fault, that driver’s insurance company (if the plan covers the accident amount) or your insurance company will compensate you. If it is your fault then your insurance company will pay your damages, but if the damage amount is more than the insurance policy, it will consider your vehicle as totaled and give you a lump-sum amount. A judge will discuss your medical bills, length of treatment and loss of income in judging the settlement amount.


Many states have different calculating techniques. Car accidents are becoming common, so be safe and follow the rules. If you are in any such claim, car accident lawyers can help you. You need a lawyer because situations like car accidents can be harrowing and the person who is facing this accident is not thinking straight to overcome this situation. And if you are in Bergen County, you can get legal help from the Jae Lee Law firm, they have their specialty in handling these types of cases.