What Is the Best Caviar to Buy?

What Is the Best Caviar to Buy?

What is caviar?

Caviar is a salt-cured roe from the sturgeon species. Which is widely used in culinary activities to garnish foods. It is flavor is exquisite and marvelous. There are three types of caviar all depending on the species of sturgeon namely; Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga.

It is one of the oldest delicacies featured on the 10th century. Mostly dedicated to kings and aristocrats. Caviar can be seen chiefly dominating in the ancient Greek foods and Persian tsars. The Caspian Sea caviar is the original, and it is otherwise described as unfertilized salt-cured fish eggs of various species of fish known as Sturgeon. If you are interested in the best quality caviar, you can find the best deals on this site.

Types and varieties of Caviar?

There are various types of caviars, depending on nature and how it is harvested. The varieties profoundly depend on which kind of sturgeon fish. They can be either Beluga caviars, Ossetra caviar or Sevruga caviar. There are classified into two;

Real caviars such as

Beluga characterized with big caviar eggs that are pea-sized, clear, glossy, and soft. Ossetra a medium-sized caviar and has a wide range of colors from light gray to dark brown. lastly, Sevruga that is less expensive and widely known for small eggs and more in abundance. All from the sturgeon family.

Farmed caviar.

There are caviar oriented farms in the US such as Ossetra, hackleback, and paddlefish sturgeon farms, some of the available varieties include; American caviar, paddlefish caviar, hackleback caviar, bowfin caviar, salmon caviar, trout caviar, and lumpfish caviar.

Caviar processing methods.

Caviar can be prepared in general four ways

  • Salted. These are mostly done to the farmed fish roes to add taste however not as natural as the Caspian caviar that is naturally occurring
  • Pressed that is made from broken and weak caviar eggs.
  • Pasteurized a firmer one of all caviar, which is heat-treated.

The Best caviar to buy?

Caviar quality and cost depend on how the caviar is processed and what type it is. If they are real caviars, then the price is high compared to farmed caviars. However, generally, all caviar are not much expensive. Treating yourself with the most splendor caviar is one of the important things you can ever do to satisfy your culinary hunger and taste.

Sturgeon fish Ossetra Iranian sturgeon caviar is the best caviar today just after Beluga caviar got extinct. Why? Since the banning of Belugas Caviar for its extinct features, Ossetra caviar has been highly coveted as the best caviar in the world.

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