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MyZaxbysVisit Survey – – Win Gift $1,500

Zaxby’s chicken wings and chicken fingers are famous throughout Georgia, and their scrumptious sandwiches and salads are equally popular among the regulars. However, since the franchise has over 900 restaurants throughout the South, you can’t always expect the same savory crunch in your chicken wings at every outlet. Have you received a subpar order at any of their restaurants? Are the services provided at one of the outlets mediocre at best, or has it been the best experience of your life? Take the survey and make a considerable difference to your favorite outlet!

Zaxby’s has entered the online world with a bang. One of their very first offerings is the customer satisfaction survey found on The survey questions are mostly multiple-choice, so you can just select the option that best describes your visit and submit your feedback. You will also be able to elaborate on your choices in the comment boxes found at the end of the survey.


So what does this unique survey opportunity comprise? Zaxby’s is known to serve top-quality dishes to its customers, regardless of the area or outlet. However, there may be times when the chef or the employees are having a bad day. Did you just stumble into such a situation? Did you, in turn, receive bad service from their end? State your concerns in the exclusive Zaxbys survey. After careful evaluation, your issues will be directly sent to the executives at the top, and the appropriate action will be taken immediately thereafter.

And the fulfillment of your honest feedback is the least you can expect from their end. Once you take the MyZaxbysVisit survey, your name will be automatically added to the weekly draw (a chance to win an unbelievable amount of $1500!). There are also quite a few daily prizes to be won!

Why Zaxby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

There’s really no point in wondering why you should take the survey. Every entry will be assiduously analyzed by Zaxby’s top evaluators before it is sent to the owners. You don’t need to worry about your valuable feedback being scrapped as long as it is genuine. Additionally, wherever your answers are in the negative, the appropriate action will be immediately set into motion. On the other hand, the positives will be taken into consideration by the authorities, and they will search for ways to improve on those wins.

Furthermore, they also understand that you will be taking time out of your busy schedule to leave your feedback at Hence, the owners are offering a grand prize of $1500! Every survey-taker will be entered into the sweepstake, but only one will be selected from a random draw to win $1500. Don’t be disheartened if you aren’t lucky enough to win the sweepstake on a particular week. The prize will be offered every week of the year! Moreover, Zaxby’s is also giving away $1000 on a daily basis!

Win $1,500 weekly in Survey:

The daily prize amount is $1000, and the weekly prizes will be disbursed in a set of three – $500 per set. Only participants who meet the following criteria will be considered for the daily and weekly sweepstakes.

Survey Requirements:

  • MyZaxbysVisit currently only permits entry to people 18 years or older. The age limit is set at 20 for Korean entrants.
  • You need to make a purchase at a Zaxby’s outlet to take the survey online. If you have simply visited the outlet without buying anything, then you can send your feedback along with your personal details via regular mail at this address – Empathica Daily Sweepstakes, 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40 NY – 10011.
  • The survey is only available in English, so you need to have a good command of the language.
  • You must be a legal citizen of either of the following countries – US, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, UK, Korea, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and Honduras. Residents of any other country are barred from entering the survey.

MyZaxbysVisit Survey

Survey Restrictions:

  • Teens below the age of 18 are forbidden to enter the survey. The Zaxbys survey website has a hi-tech firewall to ban any kid from leaving their feedback.
  • You are not allowed to influence the feedback of anyone else.
  • Zaxby’s employees, investors, subsidiaries, etc. cannot take the survey for the reason of integrity. Even their immediate family members are forbidden to enter.
  • Since every survey response is carefully assessed by expert evaluators, any false information will be immediately reported to the local authorities.
  • You cannot sell the sweepstake prizes for cash. Doing so is illegal.
  • Go through the terms and conditions of the survey before taking it.

Survey Participation Instructions:

After you have read the requirements and restrictions properly, you can easily access the actual survey in a matter of minutes!

  • Logon to the website – – and browse through the homepage.
  • There, you will find a set of boxes asking you to enter certain information, like the time of visit, amount spent and entry code. You can find all this info on your most recent receipt.
  • After you click Enter, the survey will automatically be loaded. Select the appropriate checkboxes as per your experience, and type in any additional feedback you may have for Zaxby’s in the comment boxes that follow.
  • Finally, post feedback submission, you will be led to the page that will ask you to enter your personal information. Remember that this information will only be used for determining the $1500 prize winner!

Then, you only need to wait for the Zaxbys survey sweepstake results which will be announced soon after you leave the feedback.

About Zaxby’s:

The first Zaxby’s restaurant was founded in Statesboro, Georgia in 1990. However, did you know that their popular Zax sauce isn’t exclusive to the franchise? The recipe for the sauce was derived from a relatively smaller chain of fast-food restaurants called Guthrie’s. The founders of Zaxby’s, Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley, used to frequent Guthrie’s before they finally decided to open their own franchise. In four immensely successful years since their Statesboro restaurant, they established their very first outlet outside of Georgia, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Since then, Zaxby’s has managed to set up over 900 restaurants in 17 US states! However, the ownership isn’t exclusive to Zaxby’s today. Many of their outlets are owned by different franchisees which brings us to the question – does every Zaxby’s outlet offer the same kind of service to its customers? Take the official survey found at right away to let the relevant managers know your feedback!