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Harris Teeter Survey
Store Survey Surveys – Harris Teeter Survey– Win $500

Do you need to take any foodstuff back home after a long day’s work? Is there a medicine that you need to relieve your kid from the seasonal fever? The first store that comes to mind when you answer either of these questions in the affirmative is Harris Teeter, especially if you stay in South Atlantic US. And the company’s recently launched HTSurvey is set to change the face of your favorite outlet for the better! First off, it’s not everyday that a major supermarket chain seeks help from its customers to transform their outlook and services. Secondly, it’s not easy to reach out to people, take their feedback, collate…

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TellSchnucks Survey
Store Survey Surveys – Tell Schnucks Survey – Win $300:

Schnucks is one of the few good brands of supermarkets that have been active for decades on end. It’s the go-to store for almost every household in the Midwest. The brand itself is trusted by hundreds of thousands of US citizens, since the products that they offer are of the topmost quality. Right from basic homeware down to rare medicines, Schnucks has it all! And they haven’t stopped at the quality of things; they take care of the quality of their services as well. Here’s how! For such a vast supermarket chain that serves the entire Midwest, it’s tough to keep track of the goings-on at every store that they…

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My Wawa Visit Syrvey
Store Survey Surveys – My Wawa Visit Survey – Win $500 gift card

Convenience stores have been in the market for decades on end. And the Wawa store was one of the first in the 1800s to make a mark in the US. Wawa primarily serves the East Coast, but it won’t be long before it takes over the entire country; with your help, of course! To improve the services of its current establishments, the company has recently started taking feedback from its customers through the Wawa survey. Aid the company in resolving all its flaws in individual stores by taking part in the survey; it will hardly take you 5 minutes! It doesn’t matter if you are a regular customer or if…

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Walgreens Store
Store Survey Surveys – Walgreens Listens Survey – Win $3,000

Walgreens has been in the market for over a century, providing state-approved medicinal drugs and pills 24/7. Each store of the company stocks every kind of medicine known to man. Thus, as long as you have a prescription for an antibiotic, you will definitely get it at any Walgreens outlet. However, since Walgreens is one of the largest drug franchises in the US, it’s sometimes hard to manage every outlet for the owners. And that is where the WalgreensListen survey aids them! A brand new initiative recently launched by Walgreens, their survey addresses all the problems that the customers have faced so far. All you have to do is answer…

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Store Survey Surveys

Weis Feedback Survey – – Win 100 Weis Rewards Points

Weis Markets is one of the finest food retailers in the country, employing over 23,000 citizens in close to 200 regions. Founded by Harry and Sigmund Weis in 1912, it has become the primary shopping destination for hundreds of thousands of residents in the Mid-Atlantic today. For several years, they have had a points system that helps shoppers to save a few good bucks on their next purchase. And they have just upped the ante – giving away 100 points for answering a few simple questions in the Weis Markets Feedback survey! Did you know that any type of company needs help from its customers to expand its business? It…

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Store Survey Surveys Survey – My99Experience – Win $100 Gift Card

Based in California, 99 Cents Only is a price-point retail store chain where you can shop for your favorite brands at lower prices. The chain has launched the Tell99 survey to get your feedback about your experience at 99 Cents Only stores.  Using the survey, you can tell the company whether or not you are satisfied with their products and services. You can also share your overall shopping experience with the management. No matter if you had a good or bad experience at the store, 99 cents wants to hear you and introduce changes in their business on the basis of your honest feedback.  99 Cents Only’s my99experience com…

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TalkToGiant Survey
Store Survey Surveys

TalkToGiant Survey – – Win $500 Card

Giant Food of Maryland, LLC, is a supermarket chain that operates in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. The company has 169 superstores and 159 pharmacies in the US.  TalkToGiant, which is available at, is a customer satisfaction survey designed to get your feedback about Giant Foods, its services, and your shopping experience at the supermarket. The company will use your feedback to improve its services and enhance your future shopping experience. The purpose of the TalkToGiant survey is to improve the customer experience at Giant Foods. It allows customers to stand up and speak first-hand so that the company can hear you and improve its services on…

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RiteAid Store Survey
Store Survey Surveys

Rite Aid Survey – – Win $1000

Rite Aid’s success story is an exemplary one. It’s the third-largest drugstore chain in the US today only because of its meticulous methods for constant improvement. It has achieved this success by carefully curating solutions according to customer feedback. The business is offering you the opportunity to win a grand prize of $1,000 or a minor prize of $100 by participating in its customer satisfaction survey. Rite Aid is offering its customers a chance to win $1,000 by participating in a Rite Aid survey. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about the store and its services, and your name will enter the lucky draw. Visit…

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BigLots Syrvey
Store Survey Surveys

Big Lots Survey – – Win $1,000 Card

If you recently shopped at a Big Lots store, you can now rate your shopping experience, and give comments and suggestions at Big Lots is a popular name among Americans, and unsurprisingly you may have once or severally shopped for consumable goods, kids’ toys, or seasonal items in one of the company’s outlets. The retail is famed for its discount retailing strategy that spans for more than 45 years. Big Lots values its customers’ opinions and looks forward to serving them better with improved products and services. It’s for this reason that the company invites its customers to a customer satisfaction evaluation that you can find at The questionnaires…

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