What is Software Outsourcing & How to Outsource Software Development

Due to the exponential rise in the use of the internet all across the globe, there are many useful implications for businesses. One of the most beneficial trends that emerged as a result of the internet is outsourcing. A significant portion of the companies today are outsourcing their activities and saving gargantuan amounts. The use of outsourcing can prove to be highly helpful to companies due to several reasons. You can render the use of this practice to significantly enhance the efficiency of your businesses. However, if you do not know the first thing about outsourcing, we are here to help you. In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about the different uses and implications

Interview Your Web Design Clients: 3 Sets of Questions to Ask

Your understanding of a design project is pivitol to your success in meeting your client’s needs. Moreover, a job well done will help ensure repeat business and invaluable referrals.However, before you take up any order for making a website, it’s important to have complete information to start on the right note. There should be easy communication between you and your clients, so that you clearly outline all expectations. Understanding each other, and asking your client some important questions will save both of you time, and reduce the chance of a project failure due to miscommunication. Moreover, it will pave way for a long and lasting business relationship.Below are 3 sets of questions that I always ask my clients before providing

How can I learn web development?

Are you interested in learning web development to become a web developer? First, before proceeding, congratulations. You’ve just landed on the right page where you’ll get expert advice.

Depending on your background, you must be wondering where to start learning web development. You must be feeling overwhelmed by the frameworks, languages and learning resources you’ve come around when googling. Don’t worry for you’re not alone nor the first one. Here is all you need to become a pro in web development.

Set your goal

No matter the goal you set you can achieve it with perseverance and hard work. Assuming you’re completely new to web development, it is a good idea to decide where your interest lies, either front end …

Android API and Documentation

Android API and Documentation

What is an API in Android?

Short for Application Programming Interface, an API is a communication protocol or interface that occurs between different parts of a computer program. The reason for this interaction is to ease the execution and maintenance of computer software. There are many instances where you will require an API key or pass, and it could be to grant entry into a web-based system, database system, operating system, software library, or computer hardware. In recent times, the term is used when referring to the type of interface that takes place between a client and a server. 

How Does an API Work?

The Android API can be used in building Android Applications, but before you think of making